The Graduate Program in Veterinary Medicine is offered by Universidade Federal de Uberlandia located in Uberlandia. Uberlandia is the second biggest city in Minas Gerais, a state in the north of Southeastern Brazil, and is the fourth largest city in the countryside with a population of 669,672 people. Uberlandia is served by an international airport ( and it is an important hub for the country's economy and agrobusiness, particularly for its proximity to the Brazilian capital (Brasilia), to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Most researchers in the Graduate Program in Veterinary Medicine have international experience and collaborations. The program provides high-quality research training in a variety of research fields in veterinary medicine to help graduates improve animal health and well being, food surveillance, wildlife conservation, among others and also find their path to research independence and succeed in their careers. The graduate program offers Brazilian fellowships for MS and PhD students either for citizens and non-citizen students.

The graduate program offers the MS and the PhD program in the following fields:

1. Animal Health

  • Morphology
  • Small and large animal clinical science
  • Infectious and zoonotic disease
  • Anesthesia
  • Surgery

 2. Animal Production

  • Livestock management practices
  • Animal reproduction biotechnology
  • Animal nutrition and forage production